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5 Myths about Personal Injury Law


5 Myths about Personal Injury Law

After being involved in a traumatic car crash, a painful slip and fall accident, or harmful medical malpractice, often the last thing you want to do is to go through the process of hiring a lawyer to pursue a …

Stay Safe with These Designated Driver Alternatives

Fort Lauderdale DUI Accidents Lawyer

“But I need my car in the morning.”

That’s a common excuse voiced by drivers before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. But whether you have work in the morning, an important interview, or a nonrefundable appointment—it is never

Most Dangerous Toys: What to Avoid

Most Dangerous Toys - What to Avoid this Christmas

If you’ve been following the news, surfing the internet, or talking to your nervous mother, you may already be aware of many of the risks associated with the holiday season. There are drunk drivers and unattended candles and frostbite to …