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Ben Murphey Offers a Diverse Range of Knowledge and Experience

When you need a personal injury attorney, you need to be sure you’re working with someone who has handled cases similar to your own. There are many different areas of personal injury law, and if you choose a lawyer who has only handled auto accident cases to take your premises liability case, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Maritime law in particular can be complex, and if you have a cruise ship or boating accident case, you need to be sure you work with an attorney who is experienced in handling maritime claims in Florida.

Ben Murphey has experience representing people and businesses with a wide variety of injury, professional liability, and business disputes.  His diverse experience uniquely positions him to help people and businesses who have been harmed by others.  His practice areas include:


  • Whether you are in a car, on a motorcycle, driving a truck, or on foot, you deserve compensation if a driver's reckless behavior results in an accident that causes you injury. Read More [+]

  • Cars are required by law to share the road with cyclists, yet some drivers do not seem to realize this. Drivers who are aggressive, distracted, intoxicated, or just careless all endanger cyclists on Florida’s roads, and when a vehicle that weighs two tons or more hits an unprotected bike rider, the results are frequently serious or even fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, whether it was caused by a driver, another cyclist, or even a dangerous section of road that lacked proper signage, contact Murphey Law. Read More [+]

  • A young child who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence is not always clearly able to articulate what has happened, which is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney like Ben Murphey on your side if anything happens to your son or daughter. Attorney Murphey has successfully handled child injury and accident cases before, and he thoroughly understands this area of the law and the kinds of challenges these cases can pose. Let Mr. Murphey stand up for your child’s rights after an accident. Read More [+]

  • Murphey has extensive civil trial experience and is confident taking on reckless individuals and negligent corporations alike. Read More [+]

  • Contracts are legally binding documents, and if someone acts in bad faith and breaches a contract they've signed, they need to be held responsible. Read More [+]

  • Floridians who live near the ocean typically carry hurricane and home owner's insurance, but some residents find that their insurance company either delays or outright denies their claim when they really need the money for post-hurricane repairs. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, Ben Murphey can help you fight for the payment to which you're entitled. Read More [+]

  • Health care professionals aren't the only people who have a duty of care. If an attorney's negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, or breach of contract causes their client any kind of harm, that attorney is liable for legal malpractice. Read More [+]

  • Incidents that occur on navigable waters are governed by a maritime law. Maritime law can also apply to some incidents that occur on land. If an incident occurs in Florida's territorial waters then maritime law and Florida law may apply. If you think you have a case involving maritime issues then it is critical to hire a lawyer that understands the complex combination of laws that may apply to your case. Mr. Murphey is that lawyer. He has handled a wide variety of maritime cases ranging from limitation of liability actions, crew cases, rented watercraft cases, cases involving the Death on the High Seas Act, and cases involving the Admiralty Jurisdiction Extension Act. Read More [+]

  • Doctors and other medical professionals have a duty of care to their patients, and if their actions or inactions result in medical harm, they are liable for medical malpractice. Read More [+]

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  • If you're injured on someone else's property because they failed to maintain a safe environment, you need to hold the property owner responsible. Premises liability cases can occur on many different types of properties, including rental units, hotels, restaurants, shops, and office buildings. Read More [+]

  • Seminole Indian casinos fall under the jurisdiction of the Seminole Tribe of Florida rather than the United States government, which means that patrons injured on the property cannot file a personal injury lawsuit in exactly the same way they would if they were injured on another type of property. However, this does not mean that you have no legal recourse. Ben Murphey has helped clients take the best route to pursuing compensation from the Seminole Tribe, so contact him and utilize his expertise if you or someone you care about has been injured at a Seminole Indian casino. Read More [+]

  • When an individual or business's negligence leads to the wrongful death of another, a wrongful death settlement can help the surviving family pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, and lost wages. There's no way to completely make up for the emotional suffering of losing someone you love, but a wrongful death settlement can at least provide a sense of justice. Read More [+]