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“But I need my car in the morning.”

That’s a common excuse voiced by drivers before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. But whether you have work in the morning, an important interview, or a nonrefundable appointment—it is never worth it to drive drunk.

And thanks to the recent emergence of designated driver services offered in Florida, you don’t have to. In the past, drivers have had to hail a cab, hop on a bus, or get a ride home with a friend if they wanted to avoid driving while intoxicated. But with designated driver services, you can ensure both you and your car get home safely. With the click of a smartphone button, you can arrange for experienced and certified drivers to pick you up before driving both you and your vehicle safely home.

Don’t put yourself, your freedom, and other people’s lives at risk. The next time you feel unsure as to whether or not you can drive, check out one of these Florida-area designated driver companies.

Be My Designated Driver

Be My Designated Driver is the brainchild of a recent Ohio college graduate named Arthur Simanovsky, who was tired of paying expensive cab fares in order to drive home safely. He started Be My Designated Driver in 2010, and since then has expanded its service to 76 cities across 31 states.

The idea is simple—contact the company via internet, phone, or smartphone application, and make a reservation. A team of the company’s personally selected drivers will arrive at your chosen location at the appointed time, and one of them will drive you and your vehicle to your desired destination. The driver will even wait in the car for you until you’re ready to leave. And if you’re hosting a special event where you know there will be a lot of people drinking—such as a company party— you can schedule the company’s “Peace of Mind” service, which arranges for a team of drivers to provide guests with rides home for the duration of your order.

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Shuttle Dudes

Identifiable by their whimsical tuxedo shirts, Shuttle Dudes’ drivers transport passengers and their vehicles around South Florida. These licensed, bonded, and insured drivers can drive you, your friends, and your car home for an hourly fee. While their main goal is to prevent car accidents and DUIs, they also offer elderly assistance for transportation to medical appointments and the like during the day. You can book their services online or on the phone.

White Glove Drivers

White Glove Drivers originated in South Florida, and offers a similar deal. The company’s professional uniformed drivers pick passengers up from their specified location and drive them and their vehicles to any destination in South Florida. They offer both one-way and round-trip service. In addition to those trying to get home safely after a night of drinking, the company touts its service as being ideal for businessmen, travelers, and seniors. Non-members can arrange service via phone or online form, and members have the option of requesting service via text.


RedCap’s straightforward app lets clients book a certified driver in “less than 30 seconds”—simply enter your pickup and drop off locations, review the price, and book. The app also lets you look over driver bios and ratings, track your driver, and rank them at the end of the experience. You can arrange for service after a particularly rowdy night out, as well as for airport pickup and drop off, child transportation, and when you are hosting events at your home. As you might have guessed, RedCap drivers all wear a bright red cap, making them easily recognizable. These drivers are fully insured, carefully background tested, drug tested, and finger printed.

With so many affordable, convenient, and easy-to-use personal driver services available in South Florida, there’s no excuse for driving home while intoxicated. Unfortunately, even if you practice safe and responsible driving, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will. Despite the increasing availability of these types of services, Florida DUI and alcohol-related accident rates continue to soar.

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If you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, they should be held accountable. Contact an experienced lawyer who understands the nuances of auto accident law—together, you can take action to protect your rights and obtain fair compensation for the harms and losses you suffered. By holding the driver accountable, you will also make the community safer by reducing the chance that their driving negligence will harm someone else in the future.

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Fort Lauderdale DUI Accidents Lawyer

“But I need my car in the morning.”

That’s a common excuse voiced by drivers before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. But whether you have work in the morning, an important …