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A distracted driver rear ends you and the resulting injury causes you to suffer long-term lower back pain. Your landlord fails to repair a loose stair rail even after you notify him, and you suffer a broken leg after the rail gives out and you fall. A doctor misdiagnoses you and an existing condition gets worse, causing you to miss weeks of work and experience intense pain and suffering. These are all examples of cases in which you would most likely need a civil trial lawyer to prove to the court that you are entitled to monetary damages from the negligent party.

While it would be nice if all of these types of disputes could be settled without filing a lawsuit, the reality is that the negligent party is going to try to avoid paying any more than they think they have to. They may try to offer you a low settlement on the condition that you don’t sue them, but if this settlement is not enough to cover all the costs of your injury, you will need to work with a trial lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

Ben Murphey is an experienced civil trial and appeals lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars in damages for his clients, allowing them to rebuild their lives and move on. A partner at the South Florida law firm of Lawlor, White & Murphey, he has the skills, knowledge of the Florida court system, and resources necessary to meet your civil litigation needs.

Choose an Attorney with Trial Experience

Just because someone calls themselves a litigator or a civil attorney does not mean they are the best person to handle your case, especially if your case goes to trial. It takes a certain type of attorney to stand up and make a strong argument in court, and if the lawyer you choose is not able to assertively represent you, you may lose.

Some civil litigators in Florida know that going to trial is not their strong suit and will do everything they can to avoid it, even if that means accepting a low offer for a settlement. Ben Murphey will work to resolve your civil dispute without filing a lawsuit if possible, but he also recognizes that some cases will need to go to trial in order to get full and fair compensation. When you first meet with Mr. Murphey, he will assess your case and advise you on what he honestly believes is your best legal course of action.

If your case does require you to go to trial, Ben Murphey is well-qualified to advocate on your behalf. He is admitted to practice before all Florida Courts and has represented clients at trial in both state and federal courts and in Florida’s appellate courts. He has handled a wide range of civil disputes, including:

He is prepared to go up against negligent individuals or large organizations, including cruise lines, insurance companies, and health care providers. His diligence and commitment to his clients in and out of the courtroom has earned him a 10/10 Superb rating from Avvo, recognition as a 2014 Super Lawyer from Super Lawyers, and recognition under Verdict Search’s Top Florida Verdicts and Settlements of 2013.

The Right to Appeal: Make Your Strongest Case with Attorney Murphey

If you have already taken your case to trial and did not get the outcome you were expecting or hoping for then do not give up yet. You may be able to appeal the result. If you do file an appeal then it is your responsibility to show the court made an error. While you can represent yourself in a court of appeal, you will be much more likely to get a positive outcome if you work with an experienced appellate attorney.

Ben Murphey has helped many clients file appeals and overturn erroneous rulings, and he is prepared to represent you if a court legitimately made the wrong decision in your trial. As your appellate lawyer, he will work with you to draft and file a written appeal proving that the court made an error. He will further craft your written argument in a brief that will be submitted to a panel of judges on the appellate court.

Sometimes, this brief will be enough to decide your case, but if it is not, Mr. Murphey will present a strong oral argument in front of the court. Appellate lawyers are given a limited amount of time to present their argument, but Ben Murphey excels at clearly and concisely explaining the errors that were made at trial in order to give his clients the best possible chance of overturning the original ruling.

Need to File a Claim or Appeal? Contact Ben Murphey Today

Ben Murphey - Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury AttorneyFlorida has a strict statute of limitations for civil lawsuits. For example, most types of personal injury suits must be filed within four years of the time that the accident occurred, and if you wait longer than that, you sacrifice your right to take any kind of legal action against the negligent party.

If you want to appeal a ruling or judgment then you have an even shorter period of time to do so which is usually thirty days. Because time is of the essence, it is in your best interest to contact an appellate lawyer as soon as you recognize that you need to file a claim to recover compensation.

Whether you know that you have a case or are still wondering if you do, contact Ben Murphey today to learn how he can help.

Your initial consultation is free, and if you do hire Mr. Murphey, he will works on a contingency basis (meaning you will not pay him unless you make a recovery).


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