Auto Accidents Happen in Florida. Fort Lauderdale & Davie Auto Accident Lawyer Ben Murphey Can Help.

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Ben Murphey, of Lawlor, White & Murphey, understands just how alone and helpless you can feel after getting hurt in a car crash. He believes no victim should have to pay for another person’s mistakes and has made it his mission to hold bad drivers and the companies that insure them to pay. Mr. Murphey was selected as a Top 1% Car Accident Lawyer in 2012, and many in the Fort Lauderdale area trust him to get them the compensation they deserve.

Why is it so important to fight for compensation in Florida? If you have lived in Florida for any length of time then you probably feel like car crashes happen all the time. Turn on your radio during the morning or evening commute and sometimes it feels like a never ending list of who crashed where and how long it is going to take to clear away debris and reopen lanes.

Statistically speaking, it is not quite as bad as you might think but Floridians certainly do not have it easy. As of 2010, Florida was ranked third in fatal car crashes behind only California and Texas. Florida recorded 2,445 fatal crashes that year, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that we suffer from nearly 250,000 non-fatal crashes every year.

Those numbers might be shocking but they do not begin to describe how it feels when you are the one injured in serious crash. After the initial shock, many victims find themselves agonizing over an injury with seemingly little recourse. With our “no-fault” PIP laws and changes to them in recent years, far too many people are finding it next to impossible to get money for the medical help they need without fighting for their rights.

Ben Murphey has dealt with a wide variety of motor vehicle crashes. He knows how to help you protect your rights.

What Causes Car Crashes in and Around Fort Lauderdale?


In his career, Attorney Ben Murphey has seen just about every kind of car crash that you can imagine, and there are all kinds of reasons that someone might get into a crash. There is no way to list every single cause, but several trends do exist when looking at why auto accidents occur.

The driver is distracted. How can a driver get distracted behind the wheel? In today’s world, the methods are countless. Cell phones allow people to talk and text on the go. Navigation systems pull focus from the road. Music systems can cause you to look away. And of course there are “old school” distractions like other passengers, food and drinks, and even rubbernecking at other accidents.

Weather is not friendly. Visitors know Florida as the Sunshine State, but locals are well aware how frequently we suffer from sudden thunderstorms and other weather patterns that can lead to problems on the road.

  1. There has been a lot of debate lately about whether or not the state of Florida should increase speed limits to prevent accidents and other problems on the highway. Some argue that higher legal speeds would simply match how people are currently driving, while others believe it will merely cause those currently exceeding the speed limit to go even faster. While that is up for debate, what is not is that there are a lot of people on our roads who go faster than they should. When those people cause accidents to occur, they need to be held responsible.
  2. Everyone knows that you cannot drive drunk, but for some reason far too many still make the decision to do so in our state. This puts both them and everyone else on the road at horrible risk. How do you combat it? By making an example of the people who cause harm and forcing them to pay for what they’ve done to you.

Defective parts. Companies that manufacture automobiles and car parts have a duty to sell a product that works properly. If you get hurt in a crash due to a problem with a car part, the manufacturer can be held liable and should pay for your medical bills and ongoing treatment.

Reckless driving. This encompasses a lot, including tailgating, cutting people off, and making improper turns. Perhaps the worst part of many of these types of accidents is that the damage to the car can be minor, which convinces people that they could not have been hurt badly – even though the pain does not go away. Even if you are not hurting after an accident, it is important to get examined for issues that might show up later.

Do not Wait and Hope Things Will Turn Out Okay – Call Ben Murphey Now

Ben Murphey - Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury AttorneyOne of the saddest things that Attorney Ben Murphey sees in this line of work is when victims try to tough it out or wait and see if things get better before trying to get the compensation they deserve. Waiting is one of the worst things that you can do after a car crash, because time is not on your side.

How bad is it? Under the new PIP laws, people who have been injured only have two weeks to seek medical assistance. Wait longer than that and your insurer isn’t required to pay for your treatment anymore! Changes have also been made to the definition of “qualifying medical providers,” so you also have to be careful about the type of treatment you get.

The best way to make sure you’re following the rules is to give Ben Murphey a call. He can guide you through the process and start building a case to make sure that you’re actually given the treatment you deserve – not just the bare minimum that your insurer can get away with.

Still not sure whether or not Ben Murphey is the right lawyer for you? No problem. Contact him today and you can set up a free initial consultation to talk about the case and discuss how to proceed. Give him a call now in South Florida at 954-587-0873.58