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What Duties Does a Lawyer Have to Their Client?

 What Duties Does a Lawyer Have to Their Client

When you go to see a doctor, they have what’s called a duty of care toward you that they are legally and ethically required to fulfill. They’re supposed to do their best to care for you without causing harm. They …

Hands-Free Devices Lead to Mentally Distracted Driving

Fort Lauderdale Distracted Driving Lawyer

Last October, Florida passed a law making texting while driving a secondary traffic infraction. However, the law did not make it illegal to make phone calls or use hands-free in-car devices, such as a Bluetooth headset or Apple’s Siri. And …

Teen Pedestrians at Risk for Being Hit by Cars

Teen Pedestrians at Risk for Being Hit by Cars

If you asked a random sampling of people whether they thought teens or younger children are most at risk for being hit by cars, most would probably say that younger children are more at risk. After all, younger children are …

Cyclists: Watch Out for These Dangerous Drivers


Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been cycling on Florida streets for any length of time, you are probably well aware of how dangerous it can be. The vast majority of our roads were designed with cars in mind, not bicycles, so …

Common Misconceptions about Contracts

Common Misconceptions about Contracts

We all have a basic understanding of what a contract is and why contracts are used, yet there are a surprising number of misconceptions that lead to contract breaches and legal disputes. Obviously, no one wants to get into a …